Expertise and Technical Knowhow

Value added services and community empowerment

Sasshrika Lanka has deployed a well-trained and experiences team of technical and agricultural experts to provide the knowhow to farmers regionally on using Carbonic Fertilizer and Additives, as an after-sales service, in order to maximize harvests, in both quantity and quality.

Community Empowerment

  • Popularize the manufacture of organic raw materials and compost among farmers, while providing the technical knowhow and financial strength to do so.
  • Initiate a program to purchase crops that use organic fertilizer and additives in order to protect farmers and their livelihoods.
  • Provide practical farming solutions through technical expertise, provided via Farmer Development Organizations.
  • Strengthen Farmer Collectives by using the profits dedicated to develop farming communities, creating regional farming communities that possess the expertise and experience to solve a plethora of practical problems.